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Rich Smith on CFD that won’t break the bank

Richard Smith left a long career with two CFD giants to create his own CFD tool based on the Open Source OpenFOAM solver.


John Buchowski on the Ciespace Cloud CAE Platform

Ciespace is attempting to build a 100% cloud based platform for CAE simulation.

Tony Norton on Topology Optimization for Non-Specialists

Solidthinking’s Inspire tool is putting topology optimization in the hands of design engineers.

Monica Schnitger on CAE vendor financials

Monica Schnitger keeps a sharp eye on the health of CAD, CAE, and PLM companies. She is the leading financial analyst for our industry.

Wayne McClelland: presentation for engineers

Wayne McClelland has been inspiring regular engineers to give extraordinary presentations for over 3 decades.

Mike Shipulski on TRIZ

Mike Shipulski explains the TRIZ innovation methodology. TRIZ is a Soviet area process of relating current problems to past solutions.

Michael Tiller on Modelica

Mike Tiller literally wrote the book(s) on the open standard Modelica modeling language. Learn how Modelica and FMI are poised to enable massive paybacks in the systems engineering world.