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This is the end

The final Life Upfront post. Thanks to all my readers and listeners!


My mom and me

Happy birthday, mom. I love you.

Engineering is dead and boring

If you can adopt just a taste of this guy’s passion for engineering, you will be happier and make more money. Hooyah, Nicholas Selby, Hooyah!

Wayne McClelland: presentation for engineers

Wayne McClelland has been inspiring regular engineers to give extraordinary presentations for over 3 decades.

Stop showing me your bald spot

An observation on engineering presentation for the follically challenged.

Electronics Cooling Master and Author, Tony Kordyban

Electronics cooling expert and author, Tony Kordyban, shares thoughts on his background, the state of CFD simulation, and how to most painlessly improve your professional writing.

Engineering Audio Underload

A call for more engineering related podcasts.
And, some great titles to catch in the meantime.