Intact Solutions CEO, Vadim Shapiro

vadim_shapiro_davidVadim Shapiro, CEO of Intact Solutions, joins me to discuss his groundbreaking approach to “meshless” structural FEA analysis. Notice the quotes around that word.

We cover the evolution of the product, Scan-and-Solve, to its current form as a plug-in for Rhino. Today, SnS can be used for linear static simulations in which the user completely bypasses the traditional pain of creating a mesh. Incoming models can be ugly geometry or highly faceted STL-type files… but, still no meshing headaches!

We wrap with an interesting look at possible future uses and homes for the technology.

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Scan and Solve



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  2. Steve Kelly · ·

    Thank you for doing this interview! It is a very interesting technology.

    1. My pleasure, Steve. Thanks for listening!