Mike Shipulski on Humans Engineering

shipulski_speaking2Mike Shipulski is an engineering leader by day and an engineering evangelist by night… especially Wednesday nights. An established DFMA expert and progressive adopter of new analytic and physical methods, ┬áhe is one of the most well rounded engineering thought leaders you’ll find. If you ever see Mike on a conference speaker list, register immediately.

In this interview, Mike discusses the balance between theoretical and practical engineering methods. More importantly, he introduces his concept of “Level 5 Courage” for empowering all engineers to do better.

Links from this show:
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  1. Mike Traum · ·

    Jeff, Thanks for giving Mike Shipulski this forum to present his mission and movement to improve product development, engineering collaboration, and DFMA industry practices. This podcast is a excellent presentation of Mike’s vision.

    1. Thanks for the thanks, Mike! After the show, we got into some additional chatter that was full of golden nuggets… wish I’d recorded that, too. I will definitely have him back on again.