Cyprien Rusu on the MidasNFX CAE suite

Cyprien Rusu ArticleMidasNFX is a CAE suite just now emerging from South Korea. It offers many of the high-end CAE capabilities you’d expect to see from the expert level tools of Dassault, MSC Software, and ANSYS.  We’re talking everything from nonlinear contact analysis to free surface CFD. All of these capabilities are driven from a single, modern, pre/post GUI.

In this episode, I sit down with Cyprien Rusu, MidasNFX European Business Development Manager, to discuss the details of this comprehensive CAE suite. We cover the claimed capabilities, history of the product and company, and a look at the future growth of MidasNFX outside of Asia.

While I am impressed with Cyprien and the capabilities presented, I make a point to remain a bit skeptical. If MidasNFX can cover this breadth of CAE with accuracy, it could become a threat to the established players. On the other hand, I know how hard it is to get these high end capabilities right. So, I ask my readers to download the trial version and give it a test. Your positive or negative comments will be greatly appreciated below.

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  1. […] FEA for All Cyprien Rusu is doing some great, foundational FEA education on his blog. I first met Cyprien when he was part of Midas NFX, a Korean multi-physics CAE software company. He’s now out on his own offering CAE training and expertise. My podcast interview with Cyprien here. […]