Pointwise President, John Chawner

I'm not all things to all people, but I might be all things to you.John Chawner, president of Pointwise, joins me for an in-depth discussion of meshing technology with a hyper focus on the CFD market.

John answers the question, “If all CFD tools come with a pre-processor, why would anyone want to buy a 3rd party CFD mesher?” We talk about one of John’s least favorite CAE buzz words, “Democratization.” Finally, we cover the need for engineers to develop reasonable writing and communication skills. Note: you’ll learn why it’s important to spellcheck before sending a resume to Pointwise!

Links from the show:
Another Fine Mesh
John Chawner on Twitter



  1. Jeff: Thanks for sacrificing 40 minutes of your time to the subject of CFD meshing. As for spell-checking your resume, I think every employer should think it’s important.

  2. Since you are quoting Twain, can my resume have spelling errors if I inlcude this link at the end?


    1. Sure, Mark, Go ahead. You’re not hire-able for other reasons 😉

  3. Jonas Latt · ·

    Very interesting podcast. So true that CFD is not only done with the software from the large vendors, but to a large extent also by inhouse codes.

    But… the “free puppy” metaphor applied to open-source CAE software? For a moment I imagined my CFD tool tricking me into being adopted with its cute eyes and wiggling tail, after which I have to feed and clean it, and take it to the vet for the coming 10 years 🙂

    In reality, I can’t imagine any serious business choosing Open Source primarily on ground of the price, or the lack thereof. That would be very shortsighted.

  4. Pointwise…

    Preamble: Pointwise is a mesh generating software/…

  5. […] Another Fine Mesh This is a rare publication from the commercial world. It’s a company (Pointwise) blog, but the “This Week in CFD” posts are amazingly and refreshingly unbiased. The social media marketing manager from most companies would be fired for posting news from direct competitors… Kudos to John Chawner and team for striking the right balance. My podcast interview with John here. […]