Flowkit CEO, Jonas Latt (Part 2)

Flowkit CEO, Jonas Latt, joins me for part 2 of our discussion. We fill in a few more details about the Open Source CFD tool, Palabos. Then, we dig into plans for a future, cloud-based, commercial tool powered by Palabos.

Jonas explains the natural cloud benefits for FEA or CFD- which may or may not apply to other engineering tools, like CAD. He also shares his view on the value of cloud resources over onsite hardware for both small and large enterprises.

“In CFD, you never have sufficient resources.”

In retrospect, I realized that I buried some of the Lattice Boltzmann lead. LBM can overcome one of the most painful aspects of CFD: meshing. It completely skips the traditional meshing phase. Instead, you can think of it as dropping your object(s) into an existing vat of particles. Note: not all LBM tools take full advantage of this feature, and still require some sort of surface meshing process. Palabos, however, does enable a full “meshless” implementation.

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