My favorite cell phone accessory

I'm awesome.I’ve been using cellphone dash mounts for years. They are addictive in the way that dual PC monitors are… once you start, you can’t stop. Back in the days of the Treo 300 smart (total nerd) phone, I was a fan of the holders and vehicle-specific mounts from ProClip USA. They offer holders designed specifically for just about every phone on the market. If you are one of those “naked phone” types, ProClip USA is the way to go.

If you protect your phone in a case, however, the ProClip holders won’t work well for you. That brings me to my favorite phone holder: The Arkon Slim-Grip. This thing is rock solid, elegant, and configurable enough to handle smartphones of all sizes… naked or otherwise. So, if you and your spouse have different phones- or if you buy a new phone every 6 months, Arkon Slim-Grip is the choice for you. Check out this video review:

I don’t like a phone mounted to the windshield as it blocks some of my view. I prefer it mounted just below dash level to the right of the steering wheel (or to the left if I’m in England). If that’s true for you, I recommend combining the Arkon Slim-Grip with a vehicle specific mount from ProClip USA. That can be a bit of a pain in the ass, though, as ProClip and Arkon use different connection systems. You’ll just need to get this adapter plate. This one will work, too, if your Slim-Grip uses the ball swivel connection.

Check out all the different suction mounting options. Depending on your car, you might like this sticky mount. If you travel a lot, I recommend grabbing an extra Slim-Grip with the vent mount for rental cars.