Video: Clayton Christensen on business and life

At 1 hour and 12 minutes, this is the longest video I’ve ever posted. I usually strive to keep blog videos under 4 minutes. This is such an inspiring and informative presentation, however, that I urge you to lock the door and block out the next hour of your day to watch.

Clayton Christensen is one of my most influential writers. His best seller, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” perfectly describes the business dynamics I’ve enjoyed for most of my career. Check out this fantastic (short) video for the gist.

As you learn from the message here, also pay attention to the masterful presentation skills at play. Here’s a guy who recently had to relearn how to speak after a stroke. He looks down at the floor for most of the presentation and never raises his voice. For over an hour, I counted maybe 4 slides– which he barely references. But still he holds the audience in rapt attention throughout. Focus on the authenticity and story-telling. How can you incorporate that into your presentations?