You are boring. Don’t be boring.

Many engineers present information- but few have any training or skill in effective presentation. Okay, it’s not just engineers. It’s everyone.

I started off with terrible presentation skills.
Over the years, I’ve worked hard to fix that.
If I can do this, anyone can… even you.

I’ve decided to share my favorite presentation tips, tricks, and best practices with you.

Why? Because, I truly believe this is a valuable skill that will help you grow in your engineering career. Also, I selfishly want these ideas to catch on… because I’m sick of sitting through your mind-numbing meetings and presentations!

So, watch here for fairly regular posts in the “Presentation Skills” category. I will share 1 small, actionable tip in each post. Please pay attention… I’m begging you.

Today’s starter tip: Just say “no” to¬†clip-art.

Not much more needs to be said about this one. Clip-art is dead. It is not funny or cute. It makes you look like an idiot and takes away from your message. There are lots of suggestions I’ll be providing in future posts, but this is a hard rule.

“How do I know if I’m boring?”
Watch this video. Feel familiar?

image by greggoconnell



  1. Good stuff, Jeff! Has some much needed tips for me and my team. As IT guys, we spend 90% of our time pounding the keyboard and 10% in front of the customer. In my world, that 10% is where we can differentiate ourselves from the competition. I’ll be following this series going forward.
    – Son

    1. Thanks, Son! Yep, it’s the people in front of the people that often makes the difference. The cool thing? Most people don’t even know they are doing it wrong? Very easy to get that competitive edge if you just focus on this. You don’t even have to become a master presenter. It’s so easy to surpass the status quo with a little effort.