Boeing: where the magic of Engineering still lives

In the last 2 months, I’ve heard several NPR news stories about the decline of engineering in the US. I’ve also seen several social media discussions around the lack of public¬†admiration for Engineering as a career path. What’s going on here? Why all this negativity?

Sure, there will always be those jokes about the boring Engineer at a party… but when you get right down to it, Engineering is still magical to me. Will.iam still believes that. Why don’t you? The fact is, we live in a highly engineered world. Most people have no idea how the everyday products they rely on really work. Pick something “mundane” and take a closer look with this fact in mind: The next time you casually drive to a restaurant 30 miles away- seriously imagine building a vehicle from the ground up that could get you the same distance safely. Mind boggling.

Need more inspiration?
Check out this inside look at the high stakes engineering world at Boeing.

I love this line at 2:55 in the video:

“Once we decide to go to 150%…
it becomes the quietest 90 seconds on Earth in the control room.”

Can you imagine being one of those Boeing FEA analysts, holding your breath while watching the video of those physical tests? I imagine that’s just as much adrenaline as any superbowl team in the redzone ¬†with 2 seconds on the clock.



  1. Jacek Marczyk · ·

    Engineering is the best job on Earth. I’ve been through nearly 30 years of aerospace, automotive, computer HW and SW. It has been great. You get to understand how things work and function. A real priviledge!

    1. Agreed, Jacek. One thing I think people misunderstand is the artistic side of appreciating the world through deeper understanding of how things work and function. Thanks for reading!