Engineer vs Designer: the podcast

I spend a magnificent number of hours in my car and airplanes. All that time has made me a podcast expert. Without my NPR, Adam Carolla, Joel Osteen, Risk, This American Life, The Moth, and dozens more, I would have gone insane years ago.
(Jury is still out, actually…)

It’s a good thing I have a billion interests outside the worlds of Design and Engineering, though- because there is a dearth of audio content serving those markets. I even set out to fix that injustice by starting my own engineering podcast… after 3 episodes, I realized that feeding my family wouldn’t mesh with the time requirements to do the program justice.

Two of my favorite engineering bloggers recently teamed up to produce a new podcast: ENGINEERvsDESIGNER. Josh Mings ( and Adam O’Hern ( have come together to create an engaging, fun, and informative show with great production value and polished performances.

First time podcasters often make the mistake of boring the piss out of the audience with stumbling, 90 minute dissertations from a single voice. The EvD team, however, sounds like it has been doing this for years… for a living. The quality of this show stands up to any commercial radio or podcast talk show. EvD is crisp, concise, and punchy (heh heh).

Please subscribe to this show through iTunes or the website. Let’s give these guys the traffic to support what they are doing and keep it going.



  1. My take on CADCAM entertainment which is never the politically correct one or the popular one:

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

    1. Wow Jon, is there a pot of shit you don’t stir?

  2. When it comes to CADCAM I don’t hold back.

    Some people actually like that. ;>)

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  3. I like this new series, thanks for sharing! Just a shame new cad blogs/podcasts usually don’t last long 😉

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