CAE, CAD, and engineering professionals on Twitter

Just a quick shout-out from my self-imposed break from blogging. While I don’t personally like Twitter for gathering news, several people I respect have recently mentioned it as their primary tool.

I still like RSS and make heavy use of Google Reader. But, I completely understand if your reliance on RSS is being replaced by Twitter.

With that said, I’m dipping my pinky toe back into the Twitter pond. If you like what I write, feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates on new content from this blog.

I killed my personal Twitter account. So if you followed me before, you’ll get nothing. Follow this blog at the new Twitter account:

Note: I will not follow you back. Nor will I retweet or respond to direct messages. In fact, I won’t monitor Twitter at all. I absolutely love interaction, though, so please contact me directly at 401-405-1196, kbjeff on Skype, or if something’s on your mind.

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  1. hey man.. always fun to sit back and read your stuff. Dipping back into twitter, but wont monitor or respond. classic.
    I’m the first to admit, twitter is my primary source of info. I look at it frequently, but am not as organized as many with groups and filters. I just look at it all the time and get what I need. The people/orgs that I follow vary from CFD, to Phish, to cnn to Soccer. It gives me just enough info from the people i follow for me to feel informed or at a minimum provokes me to go and read more on a particular subject. Long live life at 140 characters.

    1. Thanks, Coop. Yeah, I’d have had to build some massive filters I think. I will admit, I found some really cool new people to “know” like @jchawner @bradholtz @deelipmenezes @solidsmack @alistardean @burhop @jsarfati @chadkjackson that I probably would never have had a reason to interact with. I even enjoyed the Charlie Sheen-esque tweets from the mind of @jonbanquer

      But, too much volume for me to handle without an effective way to separate the baby from the bathwater.

      Now, I’ll be in real trouble if people stop blogging (RSS feed) and switch completely to life at 140 characters.

  2. Jon Banquer · ·

    Love kicking out the Tweet’s.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  3. Then you will want to see this film:

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  4. Keeping Jeff alive with the MC5

    “Robin Tyner’s the name
    And I Kick Out The Jams”

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  5. GGdragonfly60 · ·


    1. My hair looks just like that when it grows out… except for the giant bald spot these days.

  6. Winning!… is getting hip to the “American Ruse” ;>)

    1. My hair looks just like that when it grows out…. except for the giant bald spot these days.

  7. Now all you need is the voice to go with the hair, Jeff. Good luck with that. ;>)