Last minute shopping ideas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! If you are like me, you’ve waited till the last minute to get ‘r done. If you are scrambling and needs some ideas, here are a few I recommend.

Books I liked this year


Non Fiction


Nook or Kindle
I was originally opposed to e-readers. My wife wanted one- I borrowed it from her and never gave it back. Love my Nook! I don’t think there’s a huge difference between these two brands in terms of build quality or feature-set. We ultimately went with the Nook because you can download ebooks from other services such as Google’s collection of free ebooks.

For me, the ebook replaces big bulky books while I’m traveling. It allows me to switch between several books to suit my mood without needing to lug a library of paper with me. I have to say, there is something more pleasant about reading this format than traditional paper. So, unless I can’t get it in e-ink, I’m reading it on my Nook.

The Nook now comes in color, but I would stick with the original black and white version. Battery life is about 10 days on mine compared to 8 hours on the color Nook. Seriously- if I wanted color and multimedia, I’d open my laptop. Also, I see no point in paying the premium for a 3G enabled device. Wifi is fine.

Car Visor Speakerphone

If your car stereo doesn’t have a built-in blue-tooth connection to your cell phone for hands-free operation, take a look at the Jabra SP700. At under $80, this guy has been treating me well all year. Fantastic battery life, great clarity, mic placed right above your mouth, and no more earbud wires flopping around. Note: There are newer models of this out by now. I’m sure the newer ones are just as good if not better.


I picked this TV up for $800 at BJ’s a few months ago. Vizio is really onto something. I’m thoroughly impressed with build and picture quality. This thing even comes in with a built-in wireless internet receiver and a phenomenal set of “VIA” internet apps. Love it!

You should be able to order all of these items today (December 23, 2010) online with next day delivery. Otherwise, I imagine most can be found at local stores near you. Good luck!

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  1. Something I uncovered this year with the kindle is adding books to my kindle wish list. My family does a polyanna, just received an email this am to accept “my gift’ of two books, downloading to my kindle as we speak. Can’t say enough good things about the ereader. #1 benefit is not lugging paper around and having multiple books on hand.

    Same on the VIA from Vizio.. Listing to Pandora through it right now.