TripIt: Best new weapon in my business travel arsenal

Are you a road warrior? Do yourself a favor and check out my new favorite business travel tool, TripIt.

I first heard of TripIt a couple years ago when several acquaintances tried to add me to their TripIt “buddy” list.

After clicking through to learn more, I got the mistaken impression that TripIt was just another silly social media site… this one promising to give out my real time location and travel plans to the world. NO THANK YOU!

Recently, I happened to take another look at the site and (possibly because their marketing copy is better?) decided to give it a try.

Quite simply: TripIt rocks!
If you travel at least once a month, you need to try it… right now.

Firstly, there is a “social” component to the service. But it’s not even remotely the point of the service.

So, what’s so special?

For starters, TripIt is a simple tool that requires only a couple minutes of setup. Once you setup your free account, you are ready to start organizing upcoming travel.

Let’s say you’re traveling to Ohio for some business meetings. You know what days you need to be there, but you haven’t quite locked down where all the meetings will be. You buy your airfare to catch a good rate and leave the confirmation email sitting in your email inbox.

As you firm up the trip over the next couple weeks, you also book a hotel and rental car. Again, those email confirmations end up getting lost in the clutter of your inbox.

If you are diligent, you copy and paste all the relevant flight numbers, times, hotel address, etc into a word document or Outlook event ahead of time. But, since you waited until the last minute, you are scrambling to find all those email confirmations before racing to the airport. (Sound familiar?)

With TripIt, all you have to do is forward those email confirmations to as soon as they hit your inbox. Just send it and forget it.

TripIt somehow scans through those emails and magically builds a concise, orderly itinerary of your trip. That’s it… simple, practical, elegant.

Well, that’s not quite it… you can certainly visit the TripIt website to view the itinerary anytime… but TripIt also offers equally elegant mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smart phones. These apps give an even better view of your trip and are always in perfect sync with the web based version.

The service is free for everything I’ve described above. There is a premium, paid membership with more features- but I’ve not had a chance to check those out.

So, try TripIt today. If you are already a fan, please comment below and share your experiences.
In particular, are there any significant benefits in the paid version?



  1. TripIt is excellent, the best way to get your trips and itinerary organized. I used to laboriously note everything in my calendar, but with TripIt I just forward all the emails and use their iPhone app.You should also check out , which TechCrunch called “TripIt for Expenses”. Makes it as easy to do your expenses as TripIt does your travel.

  2. Yes, I have been using a similar tool, and agree that anyone who likes Tripit for business travel will absolutely like a tool like xpenser or expensify. Just looking at the xpenser website and it looks very slick. Encourage everyone to try one of these services, too, and let us know what you think here.