MatWeb Director, Dr. Dale Kipp

MatWeb is a great online resource for all engineers. With searchable properties for over
76,000 materials, you are sure to find the right material for your application.

I recently interviewed one of MatWeb’s founders, Dr. Dale Kipp, to learn more about the service.

Links from the podcast:

Length: 16 minutes



  1. Hello Jeff….We need JIS material std like SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, SOCD, SOHD, SS41, etc.But I cant find those material in MATWEB.As you have access to Dr. Dale, would you like please ask this to him ?Thanks !!!Regards,Nurk

  2. dalekipp · ·

    Dear Nurk,Thanks for listening in to the podcast!The two largest growth initiatives that we are working on are 1. International alloy specs and 2. Multi-point data (ex: strength vs. temperature data). These are very time consuming processes and will not be complete for years. We have prioritized the multi-point data entry.We do appreciate input from our users and consider in our growth decisions. Do you have a good reference that we may use for adding such specs in the future?Thanks.Dale