A new way to kill nasty rounds for better FEA and CFD meshing

I just discovered this nifty little time saver in the latest release of SpaceClaim. SpaceClaim is awesome for removing unwanted rounds, chamfers, and fillets from CAD, IGES, or STEP geometry. For most rounds, it’s just a matter of selecting the unwanted geometry and hitting “F” for “Fill.”

Depending on how complex the round is (or how haphazardly the original CAD designer created the part), SpaceClaim’s cleanup algorithm may not be able to rip it off in one shot. In those cases, there are several cool tips & tricks to handle them. See my How to filet a nasty fillet video set.

That first “capping” or “divide & conquer” technique has been automated in SpaceClaim’s latest release. Simply select the edge of a bad round and SpaceClaim will automatically slice away just a small chunk of the round. This gives the underlying algorithm more to work with in terms of figuring out how to properly remove the round. See it in action here: