How to filet a nasty fillet

If you’ve ever created a mesh for FEA or CFD analysis, you’ve probably pulled your hair out over unwanted manufacturing detail in the original CAD geometry. Depending on the temperment of the original CAD designer, surpressing those rounds in CAD can be painful or impossible.

SpaceClaim’s ability to make fillets (rounds) vanish with a click of the “Fill” button was one of the first amazing features to catch my eye. As a first pass, you can use the “geometry search engine” to find all rounds on your model of a certain size (or smaller) and “Fill” them in all at once. Sometimes, however, there are cases of extremely complex rounds that need a bit more attention and a divide & conquer strategy. These usually occur when the original CAD Designer lays rounds on top of rounds on top of rounds on top of… argh!

Here are 3 cool video tips for handling these problem fillets: