CFdesign 2010 first impressions

My friends at CFdesign sent me a preview copy of their latest release, 2010. My first thought was, “Wow, the teenager has grown up.” There are too many cool new features and improvements for me to do this release justice. So, I decided to focus on just the new workflow in this review.

The biggest piece of advice I give (loudly and repeatedly to anyone who will listen) about the best ways to profit from FEA and CFD? Don’t focus on 1 perfect simulation… focus on running many “what if” design changes to get comparative trend data. CFdesign 2010 believes in this theory so much that it is now baked into the workflow.

The following video comes to you after an agonizing fight through picky screen recording software, missing video card drivers, and some seriously out-dated hardware… but, I managed to pull it together. However, if you pay attention, you’ll notice one key sequence missing towards the end. After the big, sexy design change in SpaceClaim, I forgot to capture the new Design Study Manager screen… but, the folks at CFdesign should have lots more videos on that shortly. In the meantime, enjoy!