Change the inertia of your corporate engineering culture

I’m a big fan of this guy, Jeff Monday. He specializes in using “dots” in presentations to simply explain complex concepts. If you read the transcript of any of his presentations, you will fall asleep. But following along to his dots really makes the stories come alive.

Here’s a challenge: Close your eyes, think deeply about what really goes on in your engineering process. Visualize the data hand-offs, over-the-wall-tosses, politics, and rigid PDM/PLM constraints.

Then watch the following video and ask yourself if it still makes sense to keep all access to digital 3D concept creation restricted to the design department and its complex, hardcore CAD tools.

Are you open to considering the new genre of everyman Direct Modeling 3D tools to inspire new levels of innovation earlier in the R&D process?

Or will you accept the old-school inertia of designers accessing traditional CAD while everyone else is forced to scribble on a whiteboard?