How to be successful with Upfront CFD & FEA

The other day, I happened to call 2 guys back to back who mentioned the exact same problem. Both guys were Vice Presidents of Engineering over teams of about a dozen Engineers across several disciplines. They both had attempted a 2 pronged approach to Engineering simulation. After good previous experiences with Expert CAE users running high-end FEA packages, they had tried to expand the usage of “easy” or “upfront” CAE tools with their less specialized, multi-tasking, front-line Engineers.

The upfront tools weren’t being used, and they were both frustrated. I wasn’t specifically calling these guys about CAE tools, but I told them about my articles on the subject… and they asked for some links. I started looking back in my archives and was surprised to see I had almost 40 articles in the “Implementing Upfront CAE category” of this blog!

That’s a lot to take in all at once. Plus, I realized that the blog software only shows 10 articles at a time. Some people may not notice the “next page” link at the bottom of a page. So, here is a quick, handy guide to my best articles on getting the most from Upfront CFD & FEA:

Top 5 “Must Read” Articles

14 “Should Read” Articles

10 “Pretty Good” Articles

8 “Decent or Just-So-So” Articles