Quick tip: coordinate your international conference call

I just started working with a company in New Zealand. I’m in Boston. Time zones and geography always make me stop and think, “Ok, is it midnight or noon on the other side of the planet right now? And, which day is it?”

Well, I was scheduling a conference call with this cool Kiwi, and he sent me a really useful link to a tool that will now be permanently bookmarked on my desktop: World Time Server.

Pick up to 5 locations anywhere in the world and this little tool will create a handy chart showing the best possible times to organize a conference call or online meeting when the majority of the participants aren’t in bed!

For example, what’s the best time to get people together in Czech Republic, Western Australia, Kirov (Russia), and Boston? Well, if I’m the guy organizing the meeting, I’d probably choose 3am my time. A better option for everyone would probably be 8am my time (putting the guy in Western Australia on the call at 10pm his time). 

What’s more, you can email a link for this chart to all participants!
How cool is that?



  1. That is a really handy utility!

  2. That is a really handy utility!

  3. nasreen sultana · ·

    thank you …

    1. You’re welcome!