Push 3D into your RFP process to win more business

Question: “What does your company do?”
Wrong answer: “We make widgets.” 
Right answer: “We sell widgets.”

Too often, CAD is thought of for strictly design or engineering benefits. I bet that’s the case 99% of the time. 3D virtual models rarely make their way into the RFP (Request for Proposal) sales process. Traditional CAD is just too focused on final detailed design and documentation to be practical for most on-the-fly sales situations. The CAD tools are too complex to be of much use at these early conceptual and quoting stages. You also don’t want to distract your hardcore CAD designers from completing sold business to spend time working on maybe-we-might-win-this business. 

My favorite part of the new new gig here at SpaceClaim: I get to spread out into far more functional areas with my customers. The same core benefits of Direct Modeling (ease-of-use, history-free, create-on-the-fly) apply to many diverse areas outside the design department: Manufacturing, CAE simulation, Conceptual R&D, Marketing… and my new favorite: Sales!

I’m working with several clients right now to deploy SpaceClaim in Sales Response teams. The actual sales guys are driving SpaceClaim! Sometimes, right onsite during the requirements-gathering meeting.  How would that make your company look in the eyes of the prospect?!? 

Here are some of SpaceClaim’s key advantages for the Sales team:

  • Much faster response to RFPs
  • More accurate cost estimation (which = more profit!)
  • Infinitely better communication of requirements to the design department once the business is won
  • Stand-out proposals including 3D visuals rather than the standard “words, words, words” from your competitors
  • More wins in a tough economy!
If you’d like to learn more about why traditional CAD can’t cut the mustard in this sales world (and how SpaceClaim can help you), give me a call at 401-441-6699 or email: jeff.waters@spaceclaim.com