Upfront CAE might take a little effort

I’ve observed more upfront CAE implementations than most people on the planet. Most go amazingly well. Guys are able to cut at least 50% of the time and $$ they used to spend on physical prototyping & testing. Often more.

On the other hand, there are plenty of folks who relegate upfront CAE to shelfware after poking at it a few times. These people generally share common qualities: they feel overworked, beat down, and let life happen to them.

They all have Engineering backgrounds. They know numbers. They know logic. They totally understand that their current process costs a ton of cash and time and leaves them open to a huge risk of rework. But, they uniformly make the following statement: “Yeah, but I just don’t have time to use upfront CAE.”


Come on now. At any point, you can decide not to accept the malaise that has descended upon your corporate culture. You can decide to mark off 1 hour per day from your schedule for personal development. 60 minutes. I’m not calling anyone out here, but think about how many 60 minute periods you killed surfing the Internet last week.

It doesn’t take much effort to rise above the mediocre masses these days. Sometimes you really do just need to show up.

Here’s an inspiring, short read on the topic.