Noise-canceling headphones on the cheap

I love gadgets. No doubt about it. However, I tend to lean towards the simplest solution (even if it’s not the most powerful solution) as I get older.

Electronics are great, but I refuse to add gadgets to my life that require obsessive charging. My cell phone lasts a good while, and it’s the only obsessively-charged-device I’ll tolerate.

I have a good bluetooth travel mouse that maybe needs its double A’s replaced once every 6 months. If it were once a week, I’d be using a wired mouse.

I use a paper notebook that never needs charging.

I refuse to wear a bluetooth headset because I’d have to remember to charge it. Plus, I don’t want to cart around more wires and power supplies in my travel bag.
Plus, I just don’t want to be that guy at the airport.

I do love my iPod and love to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while mowing the lawn. After cranking the volume to overcome the mower engine, I picked up a pair of $17 AO Safety earmuffs at Home Depot. iPod earbuds go in my ears, and the earmuffs go over my ears. Voila. It works!

So, why did it take me this long to try the same thing in an airplane? Worked like a charm! Though, the bright orange kills my cool factor. Who cares. At least I don’t have to worry about battery death in a $350 Bose QuietComfort headset.