Software or people?

Stockholders are brutal. Miss a target here, underperform there, and suddenly stock prices drop like a rock. Cash to keep the wheels rolling dries up, fear takes over, and layoffs loom.

Turns out all those goals and buzz words in your annual report matter!

A corporation is just a collection of small companies. Your division, your group, your site, your department, you, and the people who work for you. The only way the corporation can stay strong is if every piece of that stays strong. It’s the individual improvements to efficiency and bottom line that collectively make a successful quarter for the corporation.

So, what are you going to do? Does getting serious about cutting your typical 8 physical-prototype-&-test iterations down to 3 make a difference? Should you wait until times are better to invest in the software and support that can make that happen? Or should you sit on your butt and wait for stockholders to dictate a massive wrong-sizing solution to your corporate problems?