CFdesign v10 unleashed: the biggest news of my year!

Blue Ridge Numerics has been in the  business of empowering average-Joe, multi-tasking Engineers to cut time & cost in the design cycle through virtual prototyping & testing since 1992.

As a young Engineer, I used CFdesign for several years at General Motors back in the mid 90s. That was back at CFdesign v3 on a computer that was marginally more powerful than my Blackberry today. Well, that’s maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Back then, CFD was only done by full-time PhD specialists at large companies. The software companies supplying them scoffed at our notion that an Engineer with a mere BSME degree should be allowed to use CFD. I was a multi-tasking Engineer. I looked at those traditional CFD tools and refused to invest my energy pigeon-holing myself into such a narrow career track.

The traditional CFD tools didn’t look like much fun.
CFdesign looked fun.
CFdesign was fun.
CFdesign made me more productive.
CFdesign made the invisible (I’m talking about airflow) visible.
That insight quickly gave me the airflow intuition of a 65 year old Engineer.

Flash forward to 2008. CFdesign v10, for me,  represents a return to our software development & philosophical roots. In my estimation, v9 could be used effectively by a casual user as long as he/she cracked it open once every 2-4 months. A pretty common requirement, actually, for multi-tasking Engineers. I believe every part of the v10 process has been refined to push that usage requirement out to 5-6 months!

The changes to the user interface have certainly raised the bar in terms of ease-of-use and intuitiveness. But, v10 is not just about software… it’s about the full user experience.

We recognize that most of our customers are male Engineers who don’t read manuals or ask for directions… just ask their wives! But, they will watch short web videos to get a quick refresher on some nugget of a question. So, log-in to our great new Customer Support Portal today and check out what we are doing to ensure your success outside of the software.

If you are already one of my customers, call me at 401-331-5000 for a personalized walk-through of CFdesign v10. I’d be glad to arrange for one of my Application Engineers to conduct a web-based lunch & learn style meeting with your team.

If you are not already one of my customers, call me at 401-331-5000 and I’ll introduce you to your best contacts here at Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc.