Ever notice that guys with beards tell it like it is?

I’m a geek. I actually get excited when one of my 3 favorite engineering magazines shows up in the mailbox: Desktop Engineering, Valve Magazine, and Military & Aerospace Electronics. For years, I’ve had a running joke in our house. I run in from the mailbox, open Valve Magazine to the centerfold, and turn it sideways with a big, toothy grin and googly eyes.

My wife only found it funny the first dozen times…

Tony Lockwood was the founding Editor for Desktop Engineering in 1995. This guy has been obsessed with the CAD/CAE world ever since.  I used to love reading his editorial statement in each new issue. The pieces were always brash and had a “don’t-take-no-crap-off-anyone” quality. No BS terminology or overdone acronyms. Tony just called it as he saw it.

As a man of the people, he concludes everything with “Thanks, Pal – Lockwood.”

Tony just made CFdesign v10 his “pick of the week” in the latest Desktop Engineering newsletter.

Check out Tony’s write-up here.