Are you stuck in the CAE bottleneck?

I find that many companies are severely limited on FEA and CFD licensing. Every engineer who comes in the door gets a license of CAD… of course! But, how did we get to a place where you think it is adequate to have 8 people sharing one license of an FEA tool?

Well, there is a practical part of that. It is true that the engineers often don’t need to do FEA or CFD every single day on every single project. Whereas, they probably do use CAD 8 hours a day, 8 days a week.

But, what is the right ratio? Some companies need 1 license of CFD or FEA per engineer, some need half that. But, 1 for 8 is insane. It won’t work. At best, you’ll simply create the good old upfront CAE non-specialist specialist.
More likely, your software will gather dust.

Why do so many companies strangle usage and in-house CAE competence with licensing bottlenecks? Probably because salesguys eager to make some coin pushed for the quick “1 seat wonder” and oversold the idea that you could service a large team with 1 shared seat in a network configuration. They set you up for failure. And you bought into it because you didn’t want to jump through the hoops to approve a comprehensive $300k investment in software and training.

If you are going to do a thing, do it.

Image by bjora857