Your popped vein won’t hurt the airline

Image by: Jan Tik
I expected to arrive home from the airport around 10pm last night. After running the 2 miles from Charlotte Airport’s gate C to B and still missing my connection, I managed to get home closer to 2am. My wife pointed out that I had been delayed or rerouted on every single business trip this year. I noodled that for a second and realized she was right!

I guess I just expect shenanigans at the airport now. Best bet is to stay calm and recognize that you will get home sometime. Unfortunately, I’ve seen dozens of passengers absolutely losing it this year. Last night, I watched a guy blow up at 2 sets of gate attendants at 2 different airports. Both times, he had already been rebooked for a later flight on the same night. In other words, the problem at hand had been solved in the best way possible to the folks solving it. But this guy wouldn’t quit until he got his pound of flesh from someone’s behind.

After bringing one attendent nearly to tears, he sat down and called the US Airways 800 number for more! He was red faced, sweating, and shaking for the 3 full hours I watched him. In the end, we both got to the same destination at the same time. But, I had a couple of nice naps and got some work done during that period.

If you give yourself a heart attack at the airport, did you really stick it to “the man” in a useful way?