Got CAD & CAM? Now it’s time for CAE.

I just stumbled upon this article full of sage advice from way back in May of 2003. Katrina Arabe offers a high level look at the issues surrounding first-time Computer Aided Engineering adoption. Some excerpts:

“Many shops are reluctant to embrace CAE because they believe only highly paid analysis specialists can grasp and apply CAE tools. They are actually mistaken.”

“Finally, set realistic expectations. CAE tools won’t fix every glitch in all of your parts [edit] expect payback from such things as a truncated design process, reduced material costs, diminished need for physical prototypes and perhaps a sharp decline in the number of product liability lawsuits.”

“CAE is not a magic cure—people still have to do a lot of the work—but used properly, it will likely enhance your workflow and deliver concrete benefits in no time.”

Reading time = ~6 minutes
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