Kick-start your upfront CFD ROI

Driving a car is easy and pretty much second nature for most people. You probably do it every day. Was it easy the first time you tried?
Or… did you need a little help to get started?

Our CFdesign Services Group is full of expert driving instructors. We’ll get you cruising on the upfront CFD highway fast. Our team can step in to work shoulder to shoulder with your team to customize best practices for your unique set of challenges.

We call it a “Technology Transfer” project. It’s just one of the outsourcing options we provide, and it may be just what you need to kick-start the ROI on your upfront CFD purchase. It’s fast and extremely effective.

Got a hot project that needs attention now (as in yesterday)? Our experts may need to do some of the initial driving, but your engineers will learn the process and specific best practices from the passenger seat.

Near the end of the project, we pull over and swap seats. Your engineers will now have a working simulation model that is ready for all sorts of tweaking and experimentation. More importantly, they’ll have the know-how to do future design iterations on their own.

Sound good? Call the CFdesign services group today to share your challenges.