Living in the TV-Industrial Complex?

Seth Godin is a remarkable thinker and marketing guy. I read his book “Purple Cow” last year and was struck by its truth and simplicity. The video below covers most of the high points in just under 19 minutes. That’s extremely long for online video, but trust me: you’ll like it.

So, why am I writing about a marketing guy in a blog about upfront CAE?

Firstly, I think it’s important that the engineering community in your company has a strong working relationship with the marketing folks in your company. What, you’ve never met any of them!?!?

Secondly, many manufacturing companies have ceased to grow (or are on the decline) because they are making and marketing products in a style that worked well for the last 50 years… but that sets up failure today.

Thirdly, the new emerging success strategy relies on┬ámore than just fancy advertising and marketing campaigns. You used to be able to slap a funny cartoon character on the side of a box of mediocrity and make millions. Today, you really need to focus on making remarkable products. That’s where you come in!