Show your upfront stuff

You gotta love the triple play of win-win-win. If one of your engineers creates some especially “cool” upfront CFD images, consider asking your marketing guys to include it on the corporate website.

Win #1: If you include a caption under the image crediting your “artist”, you are creating a real connection between your engineers and your business. Instead of being a hidden, inconsequential cog in the machine, this little bit of recognition can boost their pride in the work.

Win #2: If a little recognition internally goes a long way towards embedding upfront CFD into your engineering culture, imagine what external recognition could do!

Win #3: We’re well into a new era of crunchy Web 2.0 style marketing. There are still a ton of companies presenting themselves in the old “Here’s my monolithic, impenetrable, impersonal, one-way communication face.” I think anytime you can show your customers some of the humanity behind your curtains, they appreciate it.

Plus, what’s cooler than some 3D color images showing airflow visualizations? Without a ton of verbiage, your audience gleans a sense of high-tech innovation. The “artist credit” by-line will make it obvious that this is an internal competence and gives your customers a personal taste of the team behind your products.