Ensure the upfront CAE ROI with a simple “attaboy”

You are a modern, progressive manager. You even bought your design engineering team some upfront CFD and FEA software. It was a big investment, but the upside was so big that there seemed to be very little risk.

12 months later, project timelines haven’t improved and quality is about the same. Your upfront CAE software got used exactly twice in the first month and hasn’t been opened since. You aren’t really a technical guy anymore. You couldn’t drive the software yourself even if you wanted to. It was your team’s responsibility to put this stuff to good use. Now you have a black eye and aren’t sure who to blame.

There are a lot of pitfalls that can stall an upfront CAE implementation. Some (like inadequate training) are obvious. One of the most powerful and often overlooked keys to success, however, is management leadership.
(…that’s you, buddy.)

What if you had simply tossed an extra slide with some images of those early, colorful analysis results into the Powerpoint agenda for your quarterly departmental meeting? What if you took 2 minutes to call out the engineer who did the work with some honest praise? What if you patted the guy on the back as you left the podium and returned to your seat? What if that guy noticed that your CEO (who unexpectedly joined the meeting) noticed? What if all your other engineers noticed that you and the CEO noticed?

Think about it.

What small action can you take today to promote upfront CAE usage in your group?