If it ain’t in your process, it ain’t getting done


You’ve done everything right. You made a solid investment in upfront CAE: plenty of licensing to cover the whole design engineering team, quality upfront training for all and a plan for ongoing update training, and new projects identified that could  benefit from the technology.

But… your Engineers aren’t using the tool.

How do you organize new product development projects? Here are some common methodologies:

  • Microsoft Project
  • Paper based GANTT charts
  • Post-it note timelines on the war-room wall
  • Gate Reviews & Deliverables

No matter how simple or complex, you do have a mechanism for project planning and it controls every new product change or release. Someone sets a timeline (usually Marketing) and all the work needed to create the new product has to be crammed into it.

Did your project leaders specifically allocate time for upfront CAE work in the plan? Does the plan demand specific upfront CAE deliverables? Or, did someone simply copy & paste last year’s process… including all that time for physical prototyping and testing in the lab?

Get upfront CAE in the plan or it will be forgotten as people revert  back to what they’ve always done in the past.


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